Professor Lorraine Greaves- INWAT 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award

INWAT Honours Professor Lorraine Greaves with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Photograph from Left to Right: Mira Aghi, Beatrice Champagne, Margaretha Haglund, Lorraine Greaves and Elizabeth Tamang.

This award has been presented to Professor Greaves in recognition of the outstanding international contribution that she has made to tobacco control and women’s health, through her work on tobacco and women.

Professor Greaves is a graduate of the Universities of Western Ontario and Monash (Melbourne). Her PhD was published as the prize winning book ‘Smoke Screen: Women’s Smoking and Social Control’. She has since published seven other books. She has held a number of distinguished academic posts in Canada including Executive Director of the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health.  She has also worked in government, education and NGO settings. Professor Greaves is currently a Clinical Professor in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia, and Principal Consultant at the Galvanizing Equity Group which is co-located in Toronto and Vancouver.

Professor Greaves is an international expert in women’s tobacco use, sex and gender in research, and gendered tobacco policy and programming.  Her work has been ground-breaking in developing gender and diversity based analysis in tobacco control research and policy. Her development of a theoretically and empirically robust women-centred approach to research, policy and practice has challenged the often gender-blind approach of traditional tobacco control. The importance of this work has been recognised by WHO with whom she has worked to develop appropriate indicators for gender and diversity sensitive tobacco control. Her work has contributed to significantly shifting smoking prevention and cessation policy and programmes, in Canada and internationally, to incorporate more gender sensitive and gender specific approaches. This has been achieved through a combination of her academic work and a sustained commitment to knowledge exchange and partnership working with policy makers, practitioners and stakeholders including women.  She has played an important leadership role in bringing together differing perspectives to develop multi-disciplinary approaches to tobacco control. Last, but certainly not least, Professor Greaves has played a pivotal leadership role in INWAT. She was President of INWAT from 2006-2012. She now plays an important leadership role as a member of the international Board, where she continues to inspire and support gender-based approaches to addressing this crucially important women’s health and inequality issue.