Mervi Hara

Kuvassa toiminnanjohtaja Mervi Hara. Suomen ASH ry. Savuton Suomi 2040 Hanke. Tupakka ja sikari. Tupakan viljely. Keuhkosairaudet. Tupakan vaarat. Kansanterveysjärjestö, RAY.  Helsinki 20. Toukokuu 2014. COM.PIC / MAURI RATILAINEN

Mervi Hara is a Master of Political Sciences and the executive director of Finland´s ASH. She has worked in tobacco control nearly 30 years.  She promotes and develops Finnish tobacco control legislation, activates co-operation on tobacco-related issues, consults on tobacco policy and health and carries out number of national projects on tobacco policy. She was a key person in preparing the proposals for the Tobacco-free Finland launched in the end of 2013.  She was the founding member Finland´s INWAT (International Network of Women Against Tobacco) and is currently member of the advisory board of INWAT Europe. Among all, Mrs. Hara acts as a tobacco control expert in Kyrgyzstan. She received a Golden Helsinki Medal for her work to promote and support Tobacco-free Helsinki.