Elizabeth Tamang

Elizabeth TamangElizabeth Tamang, is a medical doctor specialized in Hygiene , Preventive Medicine and Public Health, currently working at the Department of Prevention in the Local Health Authority of Alta Padovana and responsible for tobacco prevention strategy at the Veneto Region (Italy). Liz also teaches tobacco control strategy at the Post graduate School of Hygiene and Preventative Medicine at the University of Padova. She has previously served in various roles related to health promotion and tobacco prevention, including Coordinator of the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion in Padova (1992-1999); Coordinator of female cancer screening programmes for the Local Health Authority of Veneto Region (1999-2002); Consultant at the WHO European Office in Copenhagen (1994-1995), Director of the Regional Centre for Prevention (2002-2008) and project manager of European and regional projects on health education, health promotion and tobacco prevention (1994-2011). She was also the vice director at the Hospital of Camposampiero (2009-2014).

Liz is the Chair and Advisory Board member of INWAT Europe and is also a member of the Human Rights and Tobacco Control Network. She previously served as President and Advisory Board member of the European Network for Smoking Prevention (2002-2008) and as board member of the European Network of Young People and Tobacco (1996-2007).